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Lussier Hot Springs


Tucked in the Rocky Mountain Range of British Columbia, Canada, you find the beautiful ​natural Lussier Hot Springs. Located in the gorgeous Kootenay Mountains, in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, this is family-friendly and free to the public. The closest two towns are called Canal Flats (Has a great 
gas station and usually the cheapest gas in the valley) and Skookumchuck

Lussier Hot Springs is easily accessible; You need to go 17Km on Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road it’s a well-groomed (and very well maintained in the winter) dirt road because it is used for logging.​(be very careful of oncoming logging trucks).It’s a short walk down a well-kept path with wooden railings that gets really slippery in the winter. (The snow on this short trail compacts, turning it into a steep, slick skating rink); spikes or cleats are recommended. This may not seem like a big deal for some, but a slippery hike in can make winter visits impossible or increase the likelihood of injury to others.


There is plenty of parking at the top of the trail at Lussier Hot Springs. When you arrive, you will normally find cars already parked there.It’s never a shock to see other cars there. on the road. even at sunrise, and people often turn up at any time of day or night, adding to the charm of the place.

The Springs is situated next to a fast-flowing, cold river. That means you can experience the enchantment of a typical, all-natural Nordic Spa experience: hot, chill, cold, rest, repeat! It’s similar to the Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon. The river is a great place to take a cold plunge.

There are three pools with rock walls and gravel bottoms. Depending on the season and weather, the upper pool temperature ranges between 109 and 116 degrees. The springs are refreshing as they cascade to the next pools before reaching the river.

There are two outhouses at Lussier Hot Springs, but there isn’t anywhere good to change, so be warned; if it’s cold, there’s nowhere good to get out of your gear or dry off.

Pools at Lussier:

The hot pool: it’s the nearest to the source, it’s boiling hot, and it smells like eggs. There seems to be some “egg” (floating tuffa) in it as well. (Don’t touch the white stuff near the source; it normally stays calm and is also harmless); this is where everybody will be on a cold winter’s day. If you want a good spot in this pool, arrive early.

The rest are slightly lower and closer to the river. It’s typically a warmer tub. then the nearest, You’re going to be cold in this one unless you’re sitting right where the water flows in. If you arrive late and the other pools are full, this is the pool you will be assigned to. It’s a good time to fill holes with mud and rocks to strengthen the tub.

If your finding this place a bit crowded looking for a change or wanting to scratch another hot spring off of your list, Ram Creek Hot Springs is just up the road.

Things to remember at Lussier Hot Springs:

It is important to understand that the “Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road” is an active logging road 365 days a year. When the logging road narrows to one lane, if you see a logging truck approaching, pull into the nearest pull-out and wait for them to pass.

The logging trucks Still have the right of way, and they don’t slow down unless absolutely necessary; it’s critical to get out of their way as soon as you see them if the road isn’t big enough to safely pass them!


Featured photo by @raichleekelly




Useful Info:


Maps to get there 

BC Provincial Park’s rules that are to be followed:

– No Pets in the springs

– No liquor or drugs

– Pack out everything that you bring in – i.e. don’t litter

– If you need the toilet, please use the outhouse at the top of the hill

– no candles bring led lights

if you hit the ditch, snowbank or , running out of gas on this journey call Wrench Bender Towing. Great rates and will come to find you in the middle of the night.

Call Dennis @ (250) 349-5655 8898 Shaughnessy St, Canal Flats, BC V0B 1B0




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